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Project Description
Open103 is an open source, feature complete reference implementation of IEC 60870-5-103 protocol which define systems used for telecontrol.

It includes a C++ core part and an optional .NET binding (not yet completed).
There is no download associated, so jump to documentation to get how drop in lib in your code.

IEC 60870 part 5 is one of the IEC 60870 set of standards which define systems used for telecontrol (supervisory control and data acquisition) in electrical engineering and power system automation applications. Part 5 provides a communication profile for sending basic telecontrol messages between two systems, which uses permanent directly connected data circuits between the systems. The IEC Technical Committee 57 (Working Group 03) have developed a protocol standard for telecontrol, teleprotection, and associated telecommunications for electric power systems. The result of this work is IEC 60870-5.

Please, DO NOT try to use this library without reading the documentation. It will avoid you a lot of headaches.
Have fun!

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